The Totally Interactive Guitar Bible is an unrivalled four-part guitar-fest, and the most original resource available for all those that play the electric guitar. The four interrelated components - a DVD, a reference book, a tutor book, and a CD - are housed in a durable hard cover that that converts into a reading stand.

The DVD: In this full-length documentary, author Dave Hunter and Dave Gregory (XTC) tell the history of the electric guitar, playing all of the most important models to demonstrate the differences between them. Clips on the DVD include The Buzzcocks, Free and Dire Straits.

Guitar Facts: This pull-out reference guide features facts, figures, “insider” information and photos of the featured electric guitars from the DVD. A potted history of every major guitar manufacturer is illustrated with model time-charts that help reveal the fascinating story of this instrument.

The Tutor Book: A specially written course for improving your style and technique using music TAB and hundreds of chord boxes, backed up by dozens of top tips and tricks from the pros. This unique tutorial features over 100 specially written graded exercises covering many styles and genres, which will improve any guitarist's playing. The tutorial comes bound in it's own 'flip chart' folding music stand so you can easily follow the notation and commentary when playing the exercises.

The CD: Professionally recorded versions of all of the 100 graded exercises, which will help you to improve your style and hone your technique.


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