You'll find 3 types of "Tab" here:

Lead Sheets: 

These are usually made up of the tune, the chords and often the bass line too. They're not the actual parts played on guitar; you have to get those together by "harmonising" the melody with the chords indicated. These are mostly in "notation" or "dots" rather than tab.

"Head" transcriptions:

On this web, anything that says "transcription" is the actual notes played on guitar. They'll show you how to get from the Lead Sheets to an actual guitar part. These are mostly notation and tab combined.


These are transcriptions of the improvised guitar parts on the CD, and there are some other solos available by other artists which I happen to have around. I hope to add to these when time permits. Some of these are tab only, though most are notation and tab together

About Bitmaps and Scorch:

The bitmaps (.bmp) are around 100k (i.e. not too big) and you can download them to a folder of your choice and double click to open "MS Paint" or your choice of graphics program and print them out. Set your margins as wide as possible first or use "fit to page" if possible.

The Scorch (.sco) files are viewable in your browser with the Scorch plug-in, which you have to get from (it's free!) but they're very small files so they load quickly. You can also hear the music via midi by clicking on "play".

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Horizontal - Rod Fogg        (A Cool Move)

This fast jazz tune has a 32 bar theme preceded by an 8 bar intro. We solo over the chords of the 32 bar theme; to end, the theme is played again, followed by a 6bar "coda" derived from the intro, played twice. This "lead sheet" is pretty much the same as the one we worked from in the studio.

Lead Sheet: .bmp

Santa Margarita - Rod Fogg        (A Cool Move)

This calypso opens with an 8-bar tune played in single notes, which is then repeated. There is a written out, complimentary bass line. There is then an 8-bar "middle eight", with the 8-bar tune re-stated at the end. This form is called "AABA", and it's very common in jazz. The solos are over the same form, the harmony coming from a "stock" jazz progression known as "rhythm changes", i.e. the basic chords to the Gershwin tune "I Got Rhythm". Get a bass-playing friend to learn the bass part! Again, this is the lead sheet as we used it in the studio, although it doesn't include the guitar cue which leads into the drum solo. 

I've been told that in the tab some of the 8s look like zeros when printed. There are no open strings in this tune, so if you see a "0", play the 8th fret! I'll come up with a solution to this problem at some point.

Lead Sheet: .bmp    "Head" in tab .bmp

One Little Mistake - Rod Fogg        (A Cool Move)

This fast jazz tune has a 28 bar theme which is also used for soloing. The piece is played on the guitar using a mixture of 4-note chord voicings and single note runs. The theme is re-stated at the end with an extended "Coda". For the tab, see the note above regarding the confusion between 8s and 0s.

Lead Sheet: .bmp    "Head" in tab .bmp

Jackson - Rod Fogg        (A Cool Move)

This slow funky groove has a theme made up of five 4-bar phrases. Phrases 1,2 and 5 are melodic variations on essentially the same harmonic material. Phrase 3 presents a new harmonic progression with a varied melody for phrase 4. We solo over the entire form, and there is a short coda. This file is available in Scorch as well as bitmap. 

Lead Sheet: .bmp   Scorch 

Hideaway - Eric Clapton       (John Mayall Blues Breakers)

This is the first two choruses of solo plus the first "tune" from this classic r'n'b track from the "Beano" album, (so called because Eric is reading a copy of the comic in the cover photo). The CD isn't hard to find in the shops, too. Click for more about Eric Clapton

Hideaway:   Page1 .bmp      Page 2 .bmp      Hideaway Scorch

Police Dog Blues - Blind Blake

Blind Blake's heyday was the 1920s, and anybody who thinks today's players can't learn from the early years of the guitar should try this challenging ragtime blues in open D tuning. It's fast! It's also public domain, which means you can hear it for free on the web. Try your favourite search engine and see  what turns up!

Police Dog Blues: Page 1 .bmp   Page2 .bmp     Scorch

Veronica - Bert Jansch       (It Don't Bother Me)

This is by no means the hardest thing Bert ever wrote for the guitar, but it has a great groove and shows something of his compositional style. From his second album "It Don't bother Me" (1966), this has been re-issued on CD and this track also shows up on various compilations. Click here for more about Bert Jansch

Veronica:  Page 1 .bmp    Page 2 .bmp    Page 3 .bmp       Scorch

Solo Flying Mystery Man - Faithless

Just a two bar groove, not too hard to play, but it's nice; great if you have a bass player to jam with! From the "Back to Mine" CD.

Solo Flying Mystery Man:     Page 1    .bmp



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