Eddie Van Halen - Know the Man, Play the Music

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The guys at Backbeat asked me to write this book and I had a great time doing it! I spent much of the '90s copping Eddie's style and have written more than 30 pieces of music for the "Play the Music" section, all closely based on a Van Halen song or solo. They're printed in both "dots" and "tab" and there's a CD with all the pieces played for you and backing tracks too for you to have a go yourself.

Here are some of the styles and techniques covered:

Pieces in the style of: Running with the Devil, Ain't Talking 'bout Love, Unchained...etc

Some tracks from the CD that comes with the book:
EX1; Rhythm using triads
EX2; Triads and sus chords over pedal tones

Loads of solos, tricks and fills....

Some typical "Eddie" fills:
EX8; two string slurs
EX12; bending and tapping

This one works as an intro, like "Hot For Teacher"
EX14; tapping arpeggios

This is what you get when you string it all together...
EX25; soloing techniques

And finally...slapping and tapping like "Fair Warning"

I aimed the book at the intermediate player who wants to get to grips with this exciting style of playing - there are some challenging tracks but also plenty that don't require a high level of ability to start work on. 



Copyright 2002/13 Rod Fogg