"Rod Fogg's guitar has a warm, lambent tone and his solos are absorbing and ingenious..."


Featuring guitarist Rod Fogg in a set of twelve original compositions, this CD has great grooves, memorable melodies and sympathetic playing from all three musicians. Some fans have described it as "chilled" jazz - it certainly has a cool vibe. Scroll down for a full track list and some mp3 extracts from the CD, together with some quotes from various reviewers.

"....Rod's fluent phrases and melodic lines have an uncanny ability to weave themselves into the "hum this" department in your brain. A master of expressive playing dynamics, Fogg's command of the instrument and ability to really hold back and use the musical space to best effect is a great lesson in subtlety. "  Ben Bartlett, Guitarist Magazine.

"This is a startlingly assured and elegant debut CD, crisply recorded and with a light, airy, spacious feel..."


This album is a treat for audiophiles. The band played live in the studio (no overdubs!) and the performances were recorded direct to hard disk for mixing and mastering. The result is a recording of clarity, immediacy and wide dynamic range.

"...this is a multifaceted and deeply thoughtful album that repays careful listening with all sorts of memorable moments and delicate touches..."


Rod is joined by Jerome Davies on bass and Dave Webster on drums.

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A Cool Move/ Rod Fogg

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1)A Cool Move
Length: 4mn 56s
mp3s: 1.3M
The title track. Some swinging, bluesy stuff.
Length: 5mn 41s
Also known as "You're in the Groove, Jackson", it's a funky, groovy thang.
3)Santa Margarita
Length: 3mn 27s
An exuberant track with a calypso feel.
Length: 3mn 37s
Fast jazz with a snappy intro.
5)Ballad (Untitled)
Length: 4mn 55s
A wistful ballad. Beautiful melodic playing.
6)Butterflies and Zebras
Length: 4mn 7s
The title is a line from a Jimi Hendrix lyric. A piece very characteristic of Rod's composing style and playing.
Length: 5mn 26s
mp3s: 536k
Grooving swing with a mysterious quality. 
8)Brutal Nikita
Length: 5mn 0s
6/8 time, written by bassist Jerome Davies.
9) Nice
Length: 3mn 36s
mp3s: 209k
Very "up", very real. The title comes from TVs "the Fast Show" jazz club sketch.
Length: 5mn 43s
A jazz waltz, with a gentle swing.
11)Yeh Yah Yo Yo
Length: 3mn 58s
mp3s: 1.0M
Inspired by an African chant heard on the radio.
12)One Little Mistake
Length: 3mn 7s
Exit with a fast one. "You make one little mistake and....."

Total running time 54:04

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"Fogg is a competent and intelligent player. He has a good sound and writes well. As an improviser, he's tasteful....... 
Duncan Heining, Jazzwise Magazine March 2002




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