First off take a look at my main squeezes, a classic '65 Strat and a stunning '70s Ibanez Archtop. The archtop is the guitar you hear on "A Cool Move".

 stratibanez.jpg (91555 bytes)

You like acoustics? I like acoustics. Here we have (front) a rare unknown archtop (late '40s), a hand built John Le Voi "Maccaferri" (back left) for those Django moments, and an Ovation Folklore ('70s).

3acoustics.jpg (87986 bytes)

Here you get a picture of me with the '65 Strat I've owned since I was about16!

rodstrat.jpg (84595 bytes)

Some more Fenders and other odds and ends:

3fendersand.jpg (82113 bytes)

The pink Strat is a Tanglewood; they're great value and this is always in Eb tuning. The black one is a Squier, with a Roland GK2 pick-up. The red Tele is a "Silver Series", which plays well but has a dodgy switch! The banjo, bottom right, has 6 strings and is tuned like a guitar. It lets me pretend I can play banjo.  Bottom left there's a "Lap-Steel" (or Hawaiian), a Ukelele (middle left) and a "Banjolin", (half banjo, half mandolin)!

Next, we present a Patrick Eggle Berlin pro and a superb Paul Reed Smith Holowbody II. The Eggle has  a great "modern" sound due to its Seymour Duncans and Wilkinson Whammy bar. The PRS is one of the best-sounding, best-constructed guitars around today.

eggleandprs2.jpg (74646 bytes)

How about some Basses? A Fender '78 Jazz Bass in "Antigua" (a sort of gray-burst) and a Tokai Fretless. Tokai were superb in the 80s, often better (and cheaper) than the real thing. This one has EMG pick-ups. The Fender is a great bass, a real workhorse for all kinds of gigs.

2basses.jpg (99337 bytes)

Lets have a look at some amps. 

3amps.jpg (97919 bytes)

On the right a Fender Deluxe Reverb. I used this exclusively on "A Cool Move". Amps like these that  have that classic warm, springy Fender sound. On the left, a modern, tweed covered "Blues Deluxe", great for rock and r'n'b, and at the back a Hiwatt 200 watt p.a. amp. It's been sold to a bass player.

Click here to see my new vintage (1928) Washburn acoustic:

washburnfrontside.jpg (28329 bytes)



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