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Totally Interactive Band Bible
Rod Fogg & Thomas Jerome Seabrook.
Other Contributors: Todd Bernhardt, Mark Brend, Phoene Cave, Dave Hunter, Gareth Morgan, Meredith White.

The Totally Interactive Band Bible is an unrivalled four-part multimedia experience ideal for the budding rock and pop stars sick of the 'dumbed-down' TV pop reality show phenomenon. The four interrelated components - a DVD, a reference book, a tutor book, and a CD - are even housed in a durable hard cover that converts into a reading stand for ease of use!

The DVD : In this full-length documentary, author and musician Rod Fogg and vocal coach Phoene Cave guide a group of young hopefuls through the early stages of setting up a gigging band. Beginning with simple two guitar exercises, we then witness the musicians evolve into a competent vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums unit.

Bandmember's Handbook : This pull-out reference guide features facts, figures and advice for anyone who is thinking of forming a band. The ten chapters guide the reader through buying and maintaining instruments, booking rehearsal space, recording, gigging and the best way to market the end product.

The Tutor Book : A specially written course for improving your style and technique using music TAB, standard notation and chord boxes, backed up by dozens of top tips and tricks from the pros. This unique tutorial features six key sections (Two Guitars; Guitar & Bass; Guitar, Bass & Drums; Two Guitars, Bass & Drums; Keyboards, Guitar, Bass & Drums; Vocals), which will help musicians play together in a disciplined and uniform manner.

The tutorial comes bound in it's own 'flip chart' folding music stand so you can easily follow the notation and commentary when playing the exercises.

The CD : The CD brings the examples from the tutor book to life with a full program of graded exercises, professionally played and recorded. The wide array of musical styles range from classic soul to nu-metal.



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